Top 10 Curb Your Enthusiasms

Season eight came and went so quickly.  I only get a Curb season to look forward to every couple years, and then in 10 quick episodes, it passes me by.

I plan to get through the next several Sundays by watching some of my favorites, and if you are a Curb die-hard already, or looking to start the greatest comedy since Seinfeld–here’s your entry way, the 10 very best episodes.

10) Larry vs. Michael J. Fox (Season 8 )

Michael J. Fox becomes one of Larry’s funniest foes to date–the soda bottle, the shushing, the violin sign–it was just one great Larry fight after another.  Add to that, the 7-year old boy who loves Project Runway and Hitler, and you have one of Curb’s most inappropriate delights.

9) Seinfeld (Season 7)

The much-touted Seinfeld reunion didn’t disappoint, as the show about nothing had a perfect Larry David reunion about nothing—Mocha Joe’s beans, ring stains, and “more of a pamphlet then a book”–were the perfect petty plot lines to end out Curb’s reunion season.

8) Ted and Mary (Season 1)

The beginning of one of Larry’s greatest fueds–Ted Danson as an asshole egotistical version of himself.  Even funnier is his relationship with Mary Steenburgen and his mother in this episode.  There scene at lunch is a Curb classic. (I can’t find a clip from this episode, so instead–a best of montage of Larry and Ted moments)

7) The Survivor (Season 4)

Somebody get a sponge.

6) The Nanny From Hell (Season 3)

Cheri Oteri gives an amazing guest appearance here, as well as some wonderful Richard Lewis and Cheryl moments–and the circus freak child.

5) Denise Handicapped (Season 7)

Larry upped-the-ante to a new extreme in this episode where he seduces a handicapped woman, is annoyed by her, but enjoys the attention that her company brings.  His behavior is compounded by an insistence to save his Blackberry over a drowning kid, asking adoptive parents about their Chinese baby’s ‘proclivity for chopsticks’, and getting beat up by Rosie O’Donnell.

4) The Car Pool Lane (Season 4)

Larry picks up a hooker to use the car pool lane to go to the Dodgers game, tries to schmooze his way into a mourner’s baseball tickets, buys weed for his Glaucoma-stricken father, gets high and yells at himself “read a book!”  That enough, for you?

3) Beloved Aunt (Season 1)

The ultimate typo leads Larry to some of his funniest interactions with Cheryl’s family.  Too good to ruin if you haven’t seen it, this is the episode that had me hooked into Curb for life.  “So you need tape? And a scissor? And paper? Can I buy that all at one place?”

2) The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial (Season 6)

The sample abuser is one of Larry’s best fights to date.  This episode has consistently great moments with Marty Funkhouser (the bad 50), Cheryl (the perfume), and Loretta (the ice cream).

1) Affirmative Action (Season 1)

Larry’s first and largest episode in offending minorities, Larry’s affability goes overboard with an uncomfortable affirmative action joke that begins a chain reaction of offending every black person he comes across.


What about you? What’s your favorite Curb episode from the last 8 seasons?


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